Airport Information X-Plane

What is APXP.INFO about?

APXP.INFO stands for AirPorts X-Plane Information and is presented by the German It is a database which provides useful informations for the virtual pilot who is flying with X-Plane. Everything is grouped after country, region and airport. That means you start with the country or region and then you will get a list of airports. At the moment we have limited the countries. If there are no or just a view sceneries available for the airports of one country they are not shown at the homepage. If your country is missing and you want it to show up at this page, please contact us.

At the moment APXP.INFO is not completed. Not all features are implemented. New features will be available frequently. I will write about it in the news section.

Also some data is still missing. At the moment not all X-Plane airports are available. But that data will be updated also continuously. If you think something is missing please use the contact form at

There are two different kind of data:

  • External links to charts or sceneries.
  • Internal X-Plane data. For example communication or navaid frequencies.

External links

The links for the sceneries are collected from different sources. The main source herefore is the downloads page. New sceneries are updated regularly about once per week.

Navigation and communication data

All the data about the radio or the navigation frequencies are extracted from the internal X-Plane database. Sometimes these frequencies differs from the real world or to other simulators. The data which is shown at the airport detail page is exact the data, which is used by the X-Plane simulator.

How to use APXP.INFO?

Two possible ways to use APXP.INFO:

  • You are planning a flight with X-Plane and you need sceneries for your departure and arrival airport.
  • You are already flying with X-Plane and you need Information about your arrival airport.

Searching for sceneries

APXP.INFO makes it very easy to search for sceneries. Everything is grouped by country or regions. This makes it very easy to find a scenery. You will also get a good overview, which sceneries are available for each airport. This makes it easier to find the scenery you need.

Airport information

Specially for X-Plane 10 you need to start with the correct frequency in your radio. Otherwise you will be not able to contact the atc. In APXP.INFO you will find all communication radio frequencies at the airport detail page. That frequencies are extracted from X-Plane 10 so they will work with X-Plane. Also the navaids like ILS or DME at an airport are listed with their frequencies.