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YABA: Albany Airport
YABS: Albion Downs Airport
YANG: West Angelas Airport
YARG: Argyle Airport (Default Airport)
YATY: Atley Airport
YAUG: Augusta Airport
YBAN: Mount Barnet Airport
YBBL: Billabalong Airport
YBDF: Bedford Downs Airport
YBDX: Barradale Airport
YBEB: Pumululu National Park
YBGD: Boolgeeda
YBGO: Balgo Hill Airport
YBIL: Billiluna Airport
YBLB: Billabong Road House Airport
YBLN: Busselton Regional Airport
YBLU: Bellevue Airport
YBOP: Boyup Brook Airport
YBOY: Booylgoo Springs Airport
YBRM: Broome International Airport
YBRO: Bruce Rock Airport
YBUG: Bulga Downs Station Airport
YBUO: Bulloo Downs Station Airport
YBWX: Barrow Island Airport
YBYA: Bryah Airport
YBYD: Bonney Downs Station Airport
YCAG: Caiguna Airport
YCAI: Callion Airport
YCAJ: Cadjebut Airport
YCAR: Carnarvon Airport
YCIG: Corrigin Airport
YCIN: RAAF Base Curtin
YCKY: Cocklebiddy Airport
YCLQ: Cape Leveque Airport
YCNF: Camp Nifty Airport
YCNH: Carnarmah Airport
YCNN: Coonana Airport
YCOG: Coongan Airport
YCOS: Cosmo Newberry Airport
YCOY: Coral Bay Airport
YCRK: Christmas Creek Station Airport
YCRN: Cranbrook Airport
YCTC: Cotten Creek Airport
YCTI: Cockatoo Island Airport
YCUE: Cue Airport
YCUN: Cunderdin Airport
YCWA: Coondewanna Wa Airport
YDBY: Derby Airport
YDEK: Denmark Airport
YDGA: Dalgaranga Gold Mine Airport
YDGN: Doongan Airport
YDGR: Dalgaranga Airport
YDGT: Dalgety Downs Station Airport
YDGY: De Grey Homestead Airport
YDME: Mount Dimer Airport
YDMF: Diemal Find Airport
YDPT: Depot Outcamp Airport
YDRA: Dongara Airport
YDRC: Dairy Creek Homestead Airport
YDUK: Duketon Airport
YDUM: Dumbleyung Airport
YECL: Eucla Airport
YEDM: Edmund Station Airport
YEQO: El Questro Airport
YERA: Errabiddy Homestead Airport
YERH: Earaheedy Airport
YERO: Erong Station Airport
YEUD: Eudamulla Station Airport
YEXM: Exmouth Airport
YFCU: Fortescue River Airport
YFDF: Fortescue - Dave Forrest Aerodrome
YFLO: Flora Valley Airport
YFOR: Fortnum Airport
YFTA: Forrestania Airport
YFTZ: Fitzroy Crossing Airport
YFWY: Faraway Bay Airport
YGAD: Garden Island (Military) Airport
YGAR: Gnaraloo Station Airport
YGDN: Gordon Downs Airport
YGEL: Geraldton Airport
YGIB: Gibb River Airport
YGID: Gidgee Airport
YGIF: Gifford Creek Station Airport
YGIR: Giralia Airport
YGNW: Gnowangerup Airport
YGPI: Giles Point Airport
YGSC: Gascoyne Junction Airport
YGUL: Gullewa Airport
YHAG: Haig Airport
YHIL: Hillside Airport
YHLC: Halls Creek Airport
YHPE: Hopetoun Airport
YHSL: Horseshoe Lights Airport
YJAM: Jameson Airport
YJEY: Jeedamya Airport
YJGP: Jerramungup Airport
YJIG: Jiggalong Mission Airport
YJNB: Jurien Bay Airport
YKAL: Kalumburu Airport
YKAN: Kanandah Airport
YKBL: Kambalda Airport
YKBR: Kalbarri Airport
YKDN: Kondinin Airport
YKEB: Kellerberrin Airport
YKNG: Katanning Airport
YKNM: Koonmarra Airport
YKOJ: Kojonup Airport
YKOK: Kookynie Airport
YLBD: Lombadina Airport
YLDO: Landor Station Airport
YLEO: Leonora Airport
YLGA: Mulga Downs Airport
YLGC: Lake Grace Airport
YLGN: Loongana Airport
YLNR: Landor Races Airport
YLOC: Lochinvar Airport
YLOU: Louisa Downs Airport
YLRG: Lorna Glen Homestead Airport
YLST: Leinster Airport
YLTN: Laverton Airport
YLUW: Leeuwin Estate Airport
YLVY: Lake Varley Airport
YLWY: Lake Way Airport
YLYN: Lyndon Airport
YMAD: Madura Airport
YMAU: Mount Augusta Airport
YMBL: Marble Bar Airport
YMCE: Mount Clere Homestead Airport
YMDB: Mundabullangana Airport
YMDI: Mandora Airport
YMDN: Merredin Airport
YMDR: Minderoo Station Airport
YMDT: Mundrabilla Motel Airport
YMDZ: Mardi Station Airport
YMEK: Meekatharra Airport
YMEW: Mingenew Airport
YMGO: Murgoo Airport
YMGR: Margaret River (Station) Airport
YMGS: Mount Morgans Airport
YMGT: Margaret River Airport
YMHL: Mount Holland Airport
YMHO: Mount House Airport
YMHT: Mount Hart Station Airport
YMIS: Millrose Homestead Airport
YMIX: Middalya Homestead Airport
YMJE: Mount James Airport
YMJM: Manjimup Airport
YMLA: Malina Airport
YMMI: Murrin Murrin Airport
YMNE: Mount Keith Airport

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