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EBAM: Amougies Airport
EBAR: Sterpenich Airport
EBAW: Antwerp International Airport (Deurne)
EBBE: Beauvechain Air Base
EBBL: Kleine Brogel Air Base
EBBR: Brussels Airport
EBBT: Brasschaat Air Base
EBBX: Jehonville Air Base
EBCF: Cerfontaine Nouv Airport
EBCI: Brussels South Charleroi Airport
EBFN: Koksijde Air Base
EBFS: Florennes Air Base
EBGB: Grimbergen Airfield
EBKT: Wevelgem Airport
EBLB: Elsenborn Airport
EBLE: Beverlo Air Base
EBLG: Liège Airport
EBNM: Suarlée Airport
EBOS: Ostend-Bruges International Airport
EBSH: St Hubert Airport
EBSL: Zutendaal Air Base
EBSP: Spa (la Sauvenière) Airport
EBST: Limburg Regional Airport
EBSU: Saint Hubert Air Base
EBTN: Goetsenhoven Air Base
EBUL: Ursel Air Base
EBWE: Weelde Air Base
EBZU: Zuienkerke Airport
EBZW: Genk Zwartberg Airport

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