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BO-0001: Rurenabaque Airport
BO-0002: Riberalta Airport
BO-BVL: Baures Airport
SLAB: Abopo Airport
SLAM: Arampampa Airport
SLAN: Angora Airport
SLAQ: Aiquile Airport
SLBB: Bulo Bulo Airport
SLBF: Blanca Flor Airport
SLBH: Buena Hora Airport
SLBN: Bella Unión Airport
SLBR: Buen Retiro Itenez Airport
SLBS: Bella Vista Itenez Airport
SLBT: Buen Retiro Ballivian Airport
SLBV: Villa Vista Montano Airport
SLCD: Cañada Airport
SLCE: Cabezas Airport
SLCG: Charagua Airport
SLCI: Caigua Airport
SLCL: Collpani Airport
SLCM: Camiare Airport
SLCR: Comarapa Airport
SLCS: Cerdas Airport
SLCT: Choreti, Bolivia, South America Airport
SLCU: Culpina Airport
SLCV: Cavinas Airport
SLCX: Chive Airport
SLCY: Collpa Airport
SLDA: Caranda Airport
SLDN: El Desengano Airport
SLEA: El Cocal Airport
SLEC: El Cairo Airport
SLEE: El Escondido Airport
SLEF: El Triunfo Airport
SLEH: El Rancho Airport
SLEI: Espino Airport
SLEK: El Condor Airport
SLEO: El Paraiso Airport
SLEP: El Peru Airport
SLER: Cerrillos Airport
SLES: Estalsa Airport
SLEV: El Salvador Airport
SLEZ: La Esperanza Airport
SLFA: Fatima Airport
SLFL: Florida Airport
SLFO: Flor De Oro Airport
SLFR: Florencia Airport
SLGP: Guirapembi Airport
SLHA: Cachascani Airport
SLHC: Huacareta Airport
SLHJ: Huacaraje Airport
SLHS: Chacobos Airport
SLHT: Transierra Helipuerto
SLIG: Inglaterra Airport
SLIN: Santa Catalina Airport
SLIP: Samaipata Airport
SLIR: Ibori Airport
SLIT: Itaguazurenda Airport
SLIX: Ixiamas Airport
SLIY: Intiraymi Airport
SLIZ: Izozog Airport
SLJA: Jatata Airport
SLJN: San Juan Estancias Airport
SLJS: Josuani Airport
SLLB: Las Brizas Airport
SLLH: Lago Huachi Airport
SLLI: La India Airport
SLLL: Laguna Loa Airport
SLLQ: Copaquilla Airport
SLLS: Lagunillas Airport
SLLZ: San Lorenzo Airport
SLMB: Mangabalito Airport
SLMD: Madidi Airport
SLME: Mandeyepecua Airport
SLMM: Mora Airport
SLMN: Manuripi Airport
SLMX: Monos Araña Airport
SLMZ: Mizque Airport
SLNL: Cañada Larga Airport
SLNO: Nuevo Mundo Airport
SLNV: Nieve Airport
SLPA: Palmar Airport
SLPF: Piso Firme Airport
SLPG: Progreso Airport
SLPI: Pitai Airport
SLPL: Padilla Airport
SLPM: Palmira Airport
SLPN: Porvenir Norte Airport
SLPR: Puerto Rico Airport
SLPW: El Porvenir Sur Airport
SLPY: Piray Airport
SLQN: Coquinal Airport
SLRF: Refugio Airport
SLRH: Rancho Alegre Airport
SLRL: Rosal Airport
SLRP: Rosapata Airport
SLRR: Retiro Airport
SLRS: Rio Seco Airport
SLRT: Santa Rita Airport
SLRX: Rincon Del Tigre Airport
SLSD: San Carlos Gutierrez Airport
SLSE: Santa Teresita Airport
SLSF: San Francisco Moxos Airport
SLSG: San Miguel De Gaser Airport
SLSH: Santa Ana De Huachi Airport
SLSJ: Salinas Airport
SLSK: Santa Rosa Del Sara Airport
SLSN: Sanandita Airport
SLSP: Sipuati Airport
SLSQ: Santiago De Chiquitos Airport
SLSR: Santa Rosa De Yacuma Airport
SLSS: Saipiru Airport
SLTA: Taquipirenda Airport
SLTC: Tres Cruces Airport
SLTE: Teoponte Airport
SLTG: Santiago Airport
SLTL: Toldos Airport
SLTO: Totora Airport
SLTU: Turco Airport
SLTW: Tita Airport
SLTX: Tuichi Airport
SLTY: Tiguipa Airport
SLTZ: Tupiza Airport
SLUC: Cuevo Airport
SLUK: Curahuara de Carangas Airport
SLUS: Urusi Airport
SLUU: Ulla Ulla Airport
SLUY: Uyuni Airport
SLVA: Villa Aroma Airport
SLVD: Covendo Airport
SLVE: Venecia Airport
SLVI: Caranavi Airport
SLVN: Villa Negrita Airport
SLVT: Tesoro/La Vertiente Airport
SLVU: Vuelta Grande Airport
SLVV: Villa Elvira Airport
SLVZ: Villazon Airport
SLYG: Yabog Airport
SLYI: Yapacani Airport
SLZB: San Pedro Rb Airport
SLZC: San Carlos Airport
SLZF: San Francisco Naciff Airport
SLZJ: San Pedro Richard Airport
SLZV: San Vicente Airport

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