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Airports in Brazil - Pernambuco

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SDOF: Serrambi Heliport
SIAL: Summerville Heliport
SIEH: Lazzuli Heliport
SIGE: Lagoa do Cavalo Heliport
SIHZ: Nannai Beach Resort Heliport
SILE: Usina Trapiche Heliport
SINY: Fazenda Nova Heliport
SIRP: Frei Caneca Heliport
SISM: Hospital Metropolitano Norte Heliport
SJHB: Real Hospital Português Heliport
SJPD: Riacho Verde Heliport
SJTW: Centauro Heliport
SJVU: Hospital Memorial São José Heliport
SNCD: Catuama Heliport
SNGE: Ilha do Retiro Heliport
SNGF: Fazenda Manacá Heliport
SNHY: Hospital Esperança Heliport
SNIJ: Suape Heliport
SNKM: Margarida Heliport
SNLL: Brennand Heliport
SNNR: Modesto Heliport
SNOH: Atlantis Heliport
SNPR: Gilson Machado Heliport
SNQK: Muro Alto Beach Resort Heliport
SNZM: JCPM Trade Center Heliport
SSOX: Aqualider Heliport
SSTT: Lemon Hotel Heliport
SSUP: Hospital Santa Joana Heliport
SSXF: Alexandre Castro e Silva Heliport

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