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LSER: Raron Heliport
LSEZ: Zermatt Heliport
LSGE: Ecuvillens Airport
LSGG: Geneva Cointrin International Airport
LSGK: Saanen Airport
LSGL: Lausanne-la Blecherette Airport (Default Airport)
LSGP: La Côte Airport
LSGS: Sion Airport (Default Airport)
LSGT: Gruyeres Airport
LSMD: Dubendorf Airport
LSME: Emmen Airport
LSMF: Mollis Airport
LSMI: Interlaken Air Base
LSMJ: Turtman Air Base
LSML: Lodrino Air Base
LSMM: Meiringen Airport
LSMP: Payerne Airport
LSPA: Amlikon Glider Airport
LSPD: Dittingen Airport
LSPV: Wangen-Lachen Airport (Default Airport)
LSTA: Raron Airport
LSTR: Montricher Airport
LSTS: St Stephan Airport
LSTZ: Zweisimmen Airport
LSXO: St. Gallen-Winkeln Heliport
LSXS: Schindellegi Heliport
LSZA: Lugano Airport
LSZB: Bern Belp Airport (Default Airport)
LSZE: Bad Ragaz Airport (Default Airport)
LSZG: Grenchen Airport (Default Airport)
LSZH: Zürich Airport (Default Airport)
LSZI: Fricktal-Schupfart Airport
LSZJ: Courtelary Airport
LSZK: Speck-Fehraltorf Airport
LSZL: Locarno Airport (Default Airport)
LSZO: Luzern-Beromunster Airport (Default Airport)
LSZP: Biel-Kappelen Airport
LSZQ: Bressaucourt Airport
LSZR: St Gallen Altenrhein Airport (Default Airport)
LSZS: Samedan Airport (Default Airport)
LSZT: Lommis Airfield
LSZU: Buttwil Airport
LSZV: Sitterdorf Airport (Default Airport)
LSZX: Schanis Airport

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