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AGI: El Paraíso Airport
CO-0001: Airport Punta Espada
CO-0002: Banco De La Republica Heliport
CO-0003: Banco De La Republica Heliport
CO-0004: Banco De La Republica Heliport
CO-0005: Banco De La Republica Heliport
CO-0006: Centro Administrativo Municipal Heliport
CO-0007: Banco De Occidente Heliport
CO-0008: Banco De La Republica Heliport
CO-0009: Isa Palmira Heliport
CO-0010: El Pailon Heliport
CO-0011: Helivalle Heliport
CO-0012: Cofa Buga Heliport
CO-0013: Cofa-Palmira Heliport
CO-0014: Cofa Roldanillo Heliport
CO-0015: Cofa Montenegro Heliport
CO-0016: Baru Heliport
CO-0017: Fundicion Gutierrez Heliport
CO-0018: Fundicion Escobar Heliport
CO-0019: Palacio Municipal Heliport
CO-0020: Banco De La Republica Heliport
CO-0021: Hospital General De Medellin Heliport
CO-0022: Isa Medellin Heliport
CO-0023: Banco Popular Heliport
CO-0024: Banco Cafetero Heliport
CO-0025: Hospital De Caldas Heliport
CO-0026: Beneficencia Del Tolima Heliport
CO-0027: Banco De La Republica Heliport
CO-0028: Banco De La Republica Heliport
CO-0029: Banco De La Republica Heliport
CO-0030: Drummond Heliport
CO-0031: Helicentro Heliport
CO-0032: Hospital De Engativa Heliport
CO-0033: Camara De Comercio De Bogota Heliport
CO-0034: Fiscalia General De La Nacion Heliport
CO-0035: Caja De Vivienda Militar Heliport
CO-0036: Beneficiencia De Cundinamarca Heliport
CO-0037: Centro Internacional Tequendama Heliport
CO-0038: Banco De Occidente Heliport
CO-0039: Proma Heliport
CO-0040: Caja De Vivienda Militar Heliport
CO-0041: Parque Central Bavaria Heliport
CO-0042: Clinica Shaio Heliport
CO-0043: Centro Comercial Andino Heliport
CO-0044: I.N.G. Barings Heliport
CO-0045: Bavaria Heliport
CO-0046: Apotema Heliport
CO-0047: Helitaxi Heliport
CO-0048: Ecopetrol Heliport
CO-0049: Isa Giron Heliport
CO-0050: Estacion De Bomberos Heliport
CO-0051: Fundacion Oftalmologica De Santander Heliport
CO-API: Apiay Airport
CO-APO: Apartadó Airport
CO-ARQ: El Troncal Airport
CO-LCR: La Chorrera Airport
CO-SNT: Las Cruces Airport
CO-TCD: Tarapacá Airport
LMC: La Macarena Airport
SK-001: Arica Airport
SK-002: El Encanto Airport
SK-003: Miriti Airport
SK-005: Arboletes Airport
SK-006: El Plateado Airport
SK-007: Indira Airport
SK-008: Jurado Airport
SK-009: La Providencia Airport
SK-010: Los Almendros Airport
SK-011: Los Planes Airport
SK-012: Mulatos Airport
SK-013: Murindo Airport
SK-014: Mutata Airport
SK-015: Nueva Fortuna Airport
SK-016: Puerto Perales Airport
SK-017: Rancho Ae Airport
SK-018: Remedios C Airport
SK-019: San José Mulatos Airport
SK-020: San Juan De Uraba Airport
SK-021: San Pedro De Urabá Airport
SK-023: Santa Rita, Ituango Airport
SK-024: Sopetran Airport
SK-025: Vigía Del Fuerte Airport
SK-026: Villanueva Airport
SK-028: La Rubiera Airport
SK-029: Rondón Airport
SK-030: El Esfuerzo Airport
SK-031: Hacienda Veracruz Airport
SK-032: El Tambo Airport
SK-033: Honduras Br Airport
SK-034: La Vega Airport
SK-035: Millan Airport
SK-036: Monterrey Airport
SK-037: San Pablo - Incora Airport
SK-038: Santa Rosa Del Sud Airport
SK-039: El Espino Airport
SK-040: Muzo Airport
SK-041: La Palestina Airport
SK-042: Pensilvania Airport
SK-043: Vegas Del Rio Airport
SK-044: Ciudad Yari Airport
SK-045: Puerto Rico Airport
SK-046: Solano Airport
SK-047: Yari Airport
SK-048: Aguaclara Airport
SK-049: Altamira Airport
SK-050: Araguanen Airport
SK-051: Banco Airport
SK-052: Bizerta Airport
SK-053: Buena Vista Airport
SK-054: Caño Garza Airport
SK-055: Caño Grande Airport
SK-056: Chaparrito Airport
SK-057: Ciénaga Airport
SK-058: Colegial Airport
SK-059: Currillo Airport
SK-060: Cusiana Airport
SK-061: Dumacita Airport
SK-062: El Boral Airport
SK-063: El Caimán Airport
SK-064: El Cairo Airport
SK-065: El Danubio Airport
SK-066: El Deshecho Airport
SK-067: El Medano Airport
SK-068: El Moriche Airport
SK-069: El Porvenir Airport
SK-070: El Recreo Airport
SK-071: El Rodeo Airport
SK-072: El Viejo Carmen Airport
SK-073: El Vigía Airport
SK-074: El Zamuro Airport
SK-075: Elf Trinidad Airport
SK-076: Estero Airport
SK-077: Fasca Main Base Airport
SK-078: Germania Airport
SK-079: Guanapalo Airport
SK-080: Guarilaque Airport
SK-081: Hato La Aurora Airport
SK-082: Jamaica Airport
SK-083: La Barquereña Airport
SK-084: La Bramadora Airport
SK-085: La Candelaria Airport
SK-086: La Carpeta Airport
SK-087: La Ceiba Airport
SK-088: La Chapa Airport
SK-089: La Colonia Airport
SK-090: La Concordia Airport
SK-091: La Culebra Airport
SK-092: La Envidia Airport
SK-093: La Flora Airport
SK-094: La Gloria Airport

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