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Airports in Germany - Baden-Württemberg

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EDDS: Stuttgart Airport (Default Airport)
EDFM: Mannheim-City Airport (Default Airport)
EDGM: Mosbach-Lohrbach Airport
EDGX: Walldorf Airport
EDNL: Leutkirch-Unterzeil Airport
EDNQ: Bopfingen Airport
EDNY: Friedrichshafen Airport (Default Airport)
EDPA: Aalen-Heidenheim/Elchingen Airport
EDSN: Neuhausen ob Eck Airport
EDST: Flugplatz Hahnweide
EDTD: Donaueschingen-Villingen Airport (Default Airport)
EDTF: Freiburg i. Br. Airport (Default Airport)
EDTH: Heubach Airport
EDTL: Lahr Airport (Default Airport)
EDTM: Mengen-Hohentengen Airport
EDTR: Herten-Rheinfelden Airport (Default Airport)
EDTZ: Konstanz Airport

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