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EDDM: Munich International Airport
EDDN: Nuremberg Airport
EDFC: Aschaffenburg Airport
EDFU: Mainbullau Airport
EDJA: Memmingen Allgau Airport
EDMA: Augsburg Airport
EDMD: Dachau-Gröbenried Airport
EDMJ: Jesenwang Airport
EDML: Landshut Airport
EDMS: Straubing Airport
EDMV: Vilshofen Airport
EDMW: Deggendorf Airport
EDNK: Kirchdorf/Inn Airport
EDNM: Nittenau-Bruck Airport
EDNR: Regensburg-Oberhub Airport
EDNT: Treuchtlingen-Bubenheim Airport (Default Airport)
EDNU: Thannhausen Airport
EDNV: Vogtareuth Airport
EDQC: Coburg-Brandensteinsebene Airport
EDQD: Bayreuth Airport
EDQE: Burg Feuerstein Airport
EDQG: Giebelstadt Airport
EDQH: Herzogenaurach Airport (Default Airport)
EDQM: Hof-Plauen Airport
EDQT: Haßfurt-Schweinfurt Airport
EDQW: Weiden in der Oberpfalz Airport
ETHR: Roth Airport (Default Airport)
ETIH: Hohenfels Army Air Field
ETIK: Illesheim Air Base
ETSI: Ingolstadt Manching Airport (Default Airport)
ETSL: Lechfeld Airport

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