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EKAE: Ærø Airport
EKAH: Aarhus Airport
EKAT: Anholt Airport
EKAV: Avnø Air Base
EKBI: Billund Airport
EKCH: Copenhagen Kastrup Airport
EKEB: Esbjerg Airport
EKEL: Endelave West Airport
EKFU: Fur Airport
EKGH: Grønholt Hillerød Airport (Default Airport)
EKGR: Grenaa Airport
EKHG: Herning Airport
EKHK: Holbaek (Ny Hagested) Airport
EKHO: Lindtorp Airport
EKHS: Hadsund Airport
EKHV: Haderslev Airport
EKKA: Karup Airport
EKKL: Kalundborg Airport
EKKO: Korsør Airport
EKLS: Læsø Airport
EKLV: Lemvig Airport
EKMB: Lolland Falster Maribo Airport
EKMN: Kostervig Mon Airport
EKNM: Morsø Airport, Tødsø
EKOD: Odense Airport
EKPB: Kruså-Padborg Airport
EKRA: Rarup Airport
EKRD: Randers Airport
EKRK: Copenhagen Roskilde Airport
EKRN: Bornholm Airport (Default Airport)
EKRS: Ringsted Airport
EKSA: Sæby (Ottestrup) Airport
EKSB: Sønderborg Airport
EKSD: Spjald Airport
EKSN: Sindal Airport
EKSP: Vojens Skrydstrup Airport
EKSS: Samsø Airport
EKST: Sydfy (Tasinge) Airport
EKSV: Skive Airport
EKTD: Tønder Airport
EKTS: Thisted Airport
EKVA: Vandel Air Base
EKVB: Viborg Airport
EKVD: Kolding Vamdrup Airport
EKVH: Aars Airport
EKVJ: Stauning Airport
EKYT: Aalborg Airport

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