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HE11: Badr El Din Airport
HE12: Inshas Airport
HE13: Wadi Al Jandali Airport
HE14: Ras Banas Airport
HE17: Bir Abu Rahal Airport
HE18: Habata Airport
HE19: As Sallum Airport
HE20: Ras Jimsah New Airport
HE21: Ras Shukhayr New Airport
HE22: Baluza Airport
HE23: Daraw Airport
HE24: Siwa Oasis North Airport
HE25: El Minya Airport
HE27: Uthman Air Base
HE28: Gebel El Basur Airport
HE30: Kom Awshim Airport
HE31: Malan Frein Airport
HE32: Al Mansurah Airport
HE33: Deir El Gill Airport
HE34: Kibrit Airport
HE35: Abu Suwayr Air Base
HE36: Bir Jifjafah Airport
HE37: Bilbeis Airport
HE38: Wadi Abu Rish Airport
HE39: As Salihiyah Airport
HE40: Sidi Barrani Airport
HE41: Misheifa Airport
HE42: Quwaysina Airport
HE44: Al Ismailiyah Airport
HE46: El Sharqi Airport
HEAL: El Alamein International Airport
HEAR: El Arish International Airport
HEAT: Assiut International Airport
HEAX: El Nouzha Airport
HEAZ: Almaza Air Force Base
HEBA: Borg El Arab International Airport
HEBL: Abu Simbel Airport
HEBS: Beni Suef Air Base
HECA: Cairo International Airport
HECW: Cairo West Airport
HEDK: Dakhla Airport
HEEM: Giza Embaba Airport
HEGN: Hurghada International Airport
HEGO: El Gouna Airport
HEGR: El Gora Airport
HEKG: El Kharga Airport
HELX: Luxor International Airport
HEMA: Marsa Alam International Airport
HEMM: Mersa Matruh Airport
HEOC: October Airport
HEOW: Shark El Oweinat International Airport
HEPS: Port Said Airport
HESC: St Catherine International Airport
HESH: Sharm El Sheikh International Airport
HESN: Aswan International Airport
HETB: Taba International Airport
HETR: El Tor Airport

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