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EFFO: Forssa Airport
EFHF: Helsinki Malmi Airport (Default Airport)
EFHK: Helsinki Vantaa Airport (Default Airport)
EFHV: Hyvinkaa Airport
EFIK: Kiikala Airport
EFIM: Immola Airport
EFIV: Ivalo Airport
EFJM: Jämijärvi Airport
EFJY: Jyvaskyla Airport
EFKA: Kauhava Airport
EFKE: Kemi-Tornio Airport
EFKH: Kuhmo Airport
EFKI: Kajaani Airport (Default Airport)
EFKK: Kruunupyy Airport
EFKS: Kuusamo Airport
EFKT: Kittila Airport
EFKU: Kuopio Airport
EFKY: Kymi Airport
EFLA: Lahti Vesivehmaa Airport
EFLN: Lieksa Nurmes Airport
EFLP: Lappeenranta Airport (Default Airport)
EFMA: Mariehamn Airport (Default Airport)
EFME: Menkijarvi Airport
EFNS: Savikko Airport
EFOU: Oulu Airport
EFPO: Pori Airport (Default Airport)
EFRN: Rantasalmi Airport
EFRO: Rovaniemi Airport (Default Airport)
EFSA: Savonlinna Airport
EFSI: Seinäjoki Airport
EFSU: Suomussalmi Airport
EFTS: Teisko Airport
EFTU: Turku Airport (Default Airport)
EFUT: Utti Air Base
EFVA: Vaasa Airport
EFVR: Varkaus Airport
EFYL: Ylivieska Airport

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