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Airports in France - Bourgogne

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LFET: Til Châtel Airport
LFFX: Tournus Cuisery Airport
LFGF: Beaune-Challanges Airport
LFGH: Cosne Sur Loire Airport
LFGK: Joigny Airport
LFGO: Pont Sur Yonne Airport
LFGQ: Semur En Auxois Airport
LFGZ: Nuits St Georges Airport
LFJM: Chailley Airport
LFLA: Auxerre-Branches Airport
LFLH: Chalon-Champforgeuil Airport
LFLM: Mâcon-Charnay Airport
LFQG: Nevers-Fourchambault Airport
LFQH: Châtillon Sur Seine Airport
LFSD: Dijon-Bourgogne Airport

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