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LG53: Lamia Airport
LG54: Tympaki Airport
LG55: Triodhon Airport
LG56: Olimboi Airport
LGAD: Andravida Airport
LGAG: Agrinion Airport
LGAL: Dimokritos Airport
LGAV: Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport
LGAX: Alexandria Airport
LGBL: Nea Anchialos Airport
LGEL: Elefsis Airport
LGHI: Chios Island National Airport
LGIK: Ikaria Airport
LGIO: Ioannina Airport
LGIR: Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis Airport
LGKA: Kastoria National Airport
LGKC: Kithira Airport
LGKF: Kefallinia Airport (Default Airport)
LGKL: Kalamata Airport
LGKM: Amigdhaleon Airport
LGKO: Kos Airport
LGKP: Karpathos Airport
LGKR: Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (Default Airport)
LGKS: Kasos Airport
LGKV: Alexander the Great International Airport
LGKZ: Filippos Airport
LGLE: Leros Airport
LGLM: Limnos Airport
LGLR: Larisa Airport
LGMG: Megara Airport
LGMK: Mikonos Airport
LGML: Milos Airport
LGMT: Mytilene International Airport
LGNX: Naxos Airport
LGPA: Paros Airport
LGPL: Astypalaia Airport
LGPZ: Aktion National Airport
LGRD: Maritsa Airport
LGRP: Diagoras Airport
LGRX: Araxos Airport
LGSA: Chania International Airport
LGSK: Skiathos Island National Airport
LGSM: Samos Airport
LGSO: Syros Airport
LGSP: Sparti Airport
LGSR: Santorini Airport
LGST: Sitia Airport
LGSV: Stefanovikion Airport
LGSY: Skiros Airport
LGTG: Tanagra Airport
LGTL: Kasteli Airport
LGTP: Tripolis Airport
LGTS: Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport
LGTT: Tatoi Airport
LGZA: Dionysios Solomos Airport (Default Airport)

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