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RJAA: Narita International Airport
RJAF: Matsumoto Airport
RJAH: Hyakuri Airport
RJAW: Iwo Jima Airport
RJBB: Kansai International Airport
RJBD: Nanki Shirahama Airport
RJBE: Kobe Airport (Default Airport)
RJCC: New Chitose Airport
RJCH: Hakodate Airport
RJCK: Kushiro Airport
RJDA: Amakusa Airport
RJDC: Yamaguchi Ube Airport
RJDT: Tsushima Airport
RJFC: Yakushima Airport
RJFF: Fukuoka Airport
RJFR: Kitakyūshū Airport
RJFS: Saga Airport
RJFT: Kumamoto Airport
RJGG: Chubu Centrair International Airport
RJNK: Komatsu Airport
rjns: Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
RJNT: Toyama Airport
RJNW: Noto Airport
RJOA: Hiroshima Airport
RJOB: Okayama Airport
RJOK: Kōchi Ryōma Airport
RJOM: Matsuyama Airport
RJOO: Osaka International Airport
RJOR: Tottori Airport
RJOS: Tokushima Airport
RJOT: Takamatsu Airport
RJSA: Aomori Airport
RJSC: Yamagata Airport
RJSH: Hachinohe Airport
RJSI: Hanamaki Airport
RJSM: Misawa Air Base
RJSN: Niigata Airport
RJSR: Odate Noshiro Airport
RJSS: Sendai Airport (Default Airport)
RJSY: Shonai Airport
RJTH: Hachijojima Airport
RJTI: Tokyo Heliport
RJTO: Oshima Airport
RJTT: Tokyo International Airport
ROAH: Naha Airport
RORS: Shimojishima Airport

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