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UEEE: Yakutsk Airport
UHBB: Ignatyevo Airport
UHHH: Khabarovsk-Novy Airport
UHKK: Komsomolsk-on-Amur Airport
UHMA: Ugolny Airport (Default Airport)
UHPP: Yelizovo Airport
UHSB: Burevestnik Airport
UHWW: Vladivostok International Airport
UIAA: Chita-Kadala Airport
UIBB: Bratsk Airport
UIII: Irkutsk Airport
ULAA: Talagi Airport
ULLI: Pulkovo Airport
ULMM: Murmansk Airport
ULPB: Petrozavodsk Airport
ULWW: Vologda Airport
UMKK: Khrabrovo Airport (Default Airport)
UNAA: Abakan Airport
UNAU: Shushenskoye Airport
UNBB: Barnaul Airport
UNBG: Gorno-Altaysk Airport
UNBU: Ust-Koksa Airport
UNCC: Novosibirsk North Airport
UNEE: Kemerovo Airport
UNKL: Yemelyanovo Airport
UNKO: Sharypovo Airport
UNNT: Tolmachevo Airport
UNOO: Omsk Central Airport
UNOS: Omsk Severny Airport
UNOT: Tara Airport
UNOW: Tevriz Airport
UNTT: Bogashevo Airport
UNWW: Spichenkovo Airport
UOOW: Valek Airport
URKA: Anapa Airport
URKG: Gelendzhik Airport
URKK: Krasnodar International Airport
URML: Uytash Airport
URRR: Rostov-na-Donu Airport
URSS: Sochi International Airport (Default Airport)
URWA: Astrakhan Airport
URWI: Elista Airport
URWW: Volgograd International Airport
USCC: Chelyabinsk Balandino Airport
USCM: Magnitogorsk International Airport
USDD: Salekhard Airport
USHH: Khanty Mansiysk Airport
USMM: Nadym Airport
USMU: Novy Urengoy Airport
USNN: Nizhnevartovsk Airport
USPP: Bolshoye Savino Airport
USRN: Nefteyugansk Airport
USSS: Koltsovo Airport
USTO: Tobolsk Airport
USTR: Roshchino International Airport
USUU: Kurgan Airport
UUBN: Zmeyevo Airport
UUDD: Domodedovo International Airport
UUEE: Sheremetyevo International Airport
UUEM: Migalovo Air Base
UUMO: Ostafyevo International Airport
UUOB: Belgorod International Airport
UUOO: Voronezh International Airport
UUYH: Ukhta Airport
UUYY: Syktyvkar Airport
UWGG: Nizhny Novgorod International Airport
UWKD: Kazan International Airport
UWKE: Begishevo Airport
UWLL: Ulyanovsk Baratayevka Airport
UWLW: Ulyanovsk East Airport
UWOO: Orenburg Central Airport
UWPP: Penza Airport
UWSK: Krasny Kut Airport
UWUB: Beloretsk Airport
UWUU: Ufa International Airport
UWWW: Kurumoch International Airport
XUBS: Smolensk North Airport

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