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00S: Mc Kenzie Bridge State Airport
00VA: Vaughan Airport
00W: Lower Granite State Airport
01J: Hilliard Airpark
02WA: Cawleys South Prairie Airport (Default Airport)
05S: Vernonia Airfield
06N: Randall Airport
07FA: Ocean Reef Club Airport
08F: City of Coalgate Airport
09CL: Alta Sierra Airport
09S: Sullivan Lake State Airport
0AK: Pilot Station Airport
0NJ8: Port Newark Helistop
0O4: Corning Municipal Airport
0O9: Ward Field
0OR9: Hanel Field
0Q3: Sonoma Valley Airport
0Q9: Sonoma Skypark Airport
0WA2: Curtis Airport
11S: Sekiu Airport
12OR: Skinner Ranch Airport
14S: Westport Airport
15MA: Canapitsit Airport
16S: Myrtle Creek Municipal Airport
19AK: Icy Bay Airport
1AK1: Crevice Creek Airport
1B5: Franconia Airport
1C3: Argyle Airport
1D2: Canton-Plymouth-Mettetal Airport
1F2: Plateau Sky Ranch Airport
1FD4: Corkscrew Trace Airpark
1G6: Michael Airfield
1K1: Lloyd Stearman Field
1L4: Kidwell Airport
1O6: Dunsmuir Muni-Mott Airport
1OR4: North Plains Gliderport
1S2: Darrington Municipal Airport
1TN0: Cedar Crest Field
1WA6: Fall City Airport
1Z1: Grand Canyon Bar Ten Airstrip
21W: Ranger Creek Airport
23N: Bayport Aerodrome
26N: Ocean City Municipal Airport
27W: Lake Wenatchee State Airport
28AK: Farrars Airport
2CL9: Mustang Airport
2CN8: Lake Arrowhead Airport
2H4: Triple H Airport
2NC0: Mountain Air Airport
2OH6: Leavelle Airstrip
2OR4: Heavens Gate Ranch Airport
2P7: Alderman Airport
2S0: Twisp Municipal Airport
2S1: Vashon Municipal Airport
2S6: Sportsman Airpark
2W2: Clearview Airpark
2Z3: Eva Creek Airport
30OR: Bero Field
33AK: Nugget Bench Airport
33CA: Lloyd's Landing Airport
33OR: Crow-Mag Airport
36OR: Jasper Ridge Airstrip
37PA: Roadcap Airport
38W: Lynden Airport
3AK5: Drift River Airport
3CL0: Uc Davis Medical Center Tower Ii Heliport
3D2: Ephraim-Fish Creek Airport (Default Airport)
3D8: Bordner Airport
3NC0: Clyde Valley Airport
3O8: Harris Ranch Airport
3S7: Nehalem Bay State Airport
3U2: Johnson Creek Airport
3W2: Put In Bay Airport
3W5: Mears Field Airport
3XS7: Bell Training Facility Heliport
41CA: Silver Creek Ranch Airport
45OR: Benham Airport
46CA: Rancho Vallecito Airport
46N: Sky Park Airport
4B0: South Albany Airport
4NY8: Harris Hill Gliderport
4S6: Tieton State Airport
4W0: Bandera State Airport
52CA: Lake Mathews Airport
52S: St Ignatius Airport
56CL: Cyr Aviation Airport
56S: Seaside Municipal Airport (Default Airport)
58CA: Jay Stephen Hooper Memorial Heliport
5A2: Warner Robins Air Park
5A5: Silver Wings Field
5CL7: Gene Wash Reservoir Airport
5CT7: Mile Creek Airport
5GA4: Air Acres Airport
5NK: Naknek Airport
5OR3: Siletz Airport
5S4: Toledo State Airport
5WA8: Hogan's Corner Airport
60OR: Whitaker Airport
61D: Plainwell Municipal Airport
61WA: Burden Field-(Rabbit Run) Airport
63S: Colville Municipal Airport
65B: Lubec Municipal Airport
67S: Priest Lake Usfs Airport
6AK2: Sleepers Strip
6AK5: Fire Island Airport
6AK8: Tulakes Airport
6B6: Minute Man Air Field
6CA6: Eagle Ridge Ranch Airport
6MA9: Cuttyhunk Harbor Seaplane Base
6N5: East 34th Street Heliport
6OR6: Wonder Airport
6OR8: Holce & Oblack Airport
6R7: Old Harbor Airport
6S6: Powers Airport
6S9: Stehekin State Airport
6TN9: Dripping Springs Farm Airport
6WA2: Gower Field
72VA: Inova Fairfax Hospital Heliport
73CL: Julian Hinds Pump Plant Airstrip
77NJ: Liberty State Park Heliport
79C: Brennand Airport (Default Airport)
79N: Ridge Soaring Gliderport
79PN: Geisinger Rooftop Heliport
7AK4: Jack Fish Landing Airport
7AK5: Dahler Homestead Airport
7B3: Hampton Airfield
7PA3: Charles G. Kalko Airport
7S3: Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark (Default Airport)
7W4: Lake Anna Airport
7WA0: Big Andy Airport
82IS: Landings Condominium Airport
86WA: Kapowsin Field
88NV: Black Rock City Airport
8CA0: Osborne Airport
8D4: Paul C. Miller-Sparta Airport (Default Airport)
8OR3: Riverview Ranch Airport
8S4: Enterprise Municipal Airport
92B: Long Lake Seaplane Base
92C: Carter Airport
94OR: Farm Yard Field
95Z: Bradley Sky-Ranch Airport
9G0: Buffalo Airfield
9MN9: Tofte Airport
9N1: Vansant Airport
9N3: Seamans Field
9OR0: Lafferty Field
AK04: Skelton Airport
AK34: Kashwitna Lake Seaplane Base
AK59: King Ranch Airport
AZ03: Cliff Dwellers Lodge Airport

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