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0AK: Pilot Station Airport
19AK: Icy Bay Airport
1AK1: Crevice Creek Airport
28AK: Farrars Airport
2Z3: Eva Creek Airport
33AK: Nugget Bench Airport
3AK5: Drift River Airport
5NK: Naknek Airport
6AK2: Sleepers Strip
6AK5: Fire Island Airport
6AK8: Tulakes Airport
6R7: Old Harbor Airport
7AK4: Jack Fish Landing Airport
7AK5: Dahler Homestead Airport
95Z: Bradley Sky-Ranch Airport
AK04: Skelton Airport
AK34: Kashwitna Lake Seaplane Base
AK59: King Ranch Airport
CKU: Cordova Municipal Airport
CSR: Campbell Airstrip
CZN: Chisana Airport
DM2: Diomede Heliport
ORI: Port Lions Airport
PAAK: Atka Airport
PAAQ: Palmer Municipal Airport
PABA: Barter Island LRRS Airport
PABE: Bethel Airport
PABR: Wiley Post Will Rogers Memorial Airport
PABT: Bettles Airport
PACD: Cold Bay Airport
PACV: Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport
PACY: Yakataga Airport
PADK: Adak Airport
PADL: Dillingham Airport
PADQ: Kodiak Airport
PADU: Unalaska Airport
PAED: Elmendorf Air Force Base
PAEN: Kenai Municipal Airport
PAFA: Fairbanks International Airport
PAFE: Kake Airport
PAGB: Galbraith Lake Airport
PAGK: Gulkana Airport
PAGS: Gustavus Airport
PAGY: Skagway Airport
PAHC: Holy Cross Airport
PAHN: Haines Airport (Default Airport)
PAHO: Homer Airport
PAHV: Healy River Airport
PAIW: Wales Airport
PAJN: Juneau International Airport (Default Airport)
PAKF: False Pass Airport
PAKN: King Salmon Airport
PAKO: Nikolski Air Station
PAKP: Anaktuvuk Pass Airport
PAKT: Ketchikan International Airport
PALB: Larsen Bay Airport
PALH: Lake Hood Seaplane Base
PALR: Chandalar Lake Airport
PAMH: Minchumina Airport
PAML: Manley Hot Springs Airport
PAMO: Mountain Village Airport
PAMR: Merrill Field
PANC: Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
PANN: Nenana Municipal Airport
PANU: Nulato Airport
PAOH: Hoonah Airport
PAOM: Nome Airport
PAOR: Northway Airport
PAPG: Petersburg James A Johnson Airport
PAPO: Point Hope Airport
PARC: Arctic Village Airport
PARS: Russian Mission Airport
PASC: Deadhorse Airport
PASD: Sand Point Airport
PASI: Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport
PASM: St Mary's Airport
PASP: Sheep Mountain Airport
PASW: Skwentna Airport
PASX: Soldotna Airport
PASY: Eareckson Air Station
PATJ: Tok Airport
PATK: Talkeetna Airport
PAUN: Unalakleet Airport
PAVC: King Cove Airport
PAVD: Valdez Pioneer Field
PAWD: Seward Airport
PAWG: Wrangell Airport
PAWN: Noatak Airport
PAWS: Wasilla Airport
PAYA: Yakutat Airport
PFAL: Allakaket Airport
PFTO: Tok Junction Airport

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