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05XS: Johnson Memorial Airport
0AR1: Hooterville South Airport
0AR2: Mission Field-Marotti Memorial Airport
0AR3: Taylor's Air Strip
0AR4: Gravette Medical Center Hospital Heliport
0AR5: Rgnl Medical Center Heliport
0AR6: Ami National Park Medical Center Heliport
0AR7: Yancopin Airport
0AR8: Howard Memorial Hospital Heliport
0AR9: Eureka Springs Hospital Heliport
12AR: Gibbons Airport
12XS: Mc Croskey Field
15AR: Dawson's Airport
1AR0: Breckenridge Airport
1AR1: Walls Airport
1AR2: Taylor Airstrip
1AR3: Bob Norman Airstrip
1AR4: Foggy River Airport
1AR5: Cherokee Strip
1AR6: Diamond Bluff Airport
1AR8: Flying W Air Park Inc Airport
1AR9: Country Air Estates Airport
24AR: Griffin Agricultural Airport
26AR: Fly "N" K Airport
2AR0: Bully Henry Airport
2AR1: Seratt Airport
2AR2: Davidson Field
2AR3: Stone County Medical Center Heliport
2AR4: Jaynes Field
3M0: Gastons Airport
4AR1: Shurley Field Airport
4M5: Dermott Municipal Airport
4M8: Clarendon Municipal Airport
5A5: Silver Wings Field
5AR1: Tillar Airport
5AR2: Turrell Flying Service Airport
5AR3: Wabbaseka Flying Service Airport
5AR4: Medical Park Hospital Heliport
5AR5: Med Flight Heliport
5AR6: Southwest Hospital Heliport
5AR7: Keller Airfield
5AR8: Pine Prairie Airport
5AR9: Baxter County Regional Hospital Heliport
5M1: De Witt Municipal Airport
6AR0: Cypress Creek Airpark
6AR1: Elder Airstrip
6AR2: A J's Airport
6AR3: University Hospital Heliport
6AR4: Baptist Health Medical Center-Heber Spring Heliport
6AR9: Pine Mountain Airpark
6M8: Marked Tree Municipal Airport
73AR: Dogwood Airport
7AR1: Ward's Airport
7M0: Mc Crory/Morton Airport
7M6: Paris Municipal Airport
7M7: Piggott Municipal Airport
8M2: Sally Wofford Airport
AR01: Baker Flying Service Airport
AR02: Johnson County Regional Hospital Heliport
AR05: John Harris Field
AR13: Pearson Field
AR17: Burns Aerodrome
AR18: Gerrard Airport
AR19: Wesson-Davis Field
AR20: Lawrence Memorial Heliport
AR21: St Edward Mercy Medical Center Heliport
AR22: Tommy's Flying Service Inc Airport
AR23: Cedar Creek Ranch Airport
AR24: White River Medical Center Heliport
AR25: Vilonia Airport
AR27: Lollars Creek Farm Airport
AR28: Odom Field
AR29: Uams Heliport
AR30: Baptist Memorial Hospital-Blytheville Heliport
AR32: Dardanelle Hospital Heliport
AR33: Honey Hill Heliport
AR34: Pine Village Airport
AR35: Henson Farm Airport
AR36: Medi-Port Heliport
AR37: St Michael Hospital Heliport
AR38: Arkansas National Guard Emergency Access Heliport
AR40: Sparks Regional Medical Center Heliport
AR41: Carroll General Hospital Heliport
AR42: Ouachita County Medical Center Heliport
AR43: Brickey Private Airport
AR44: Flying W Airport
AR45: St Vincent Infirmary Heliport
AR46: Penrose Airport
AR47: Warner Brown Hospital Heliport
AR48: Union Medical Center Heliport
AR49: Veterans Administration Heliport
AR50: Hess Strip
AR51: Smith Heliport
AR52: Hazen Heliport
AR53: Randolph County Medical Center Heliport
AR54: Ralph Fulmer Field
AR55: R.V. Stewart Field
AR56: Amos Airport
AR59: De Witt City Hospital Heliport
AR60: Methodist Hospital of Jonesboro Heliport
AR61: Chicot Memorial Hospital Heliport
AR62: Arkansas Children's Hospital Heliport
AR63: Mc Gehee Desha County Hospital Heliport
AR64: White River Airport
AR65: St Anthony's Medical Center Heliport
AR66: Pike County Hospital Heliport
AR67: Grandview Street Heliport
AR68: Fulton County Hospital Heliport
AR69: Siloam Springs Memorial Hospital Heliport
AR70: Bradley County Memorial Hospital Heliport
AR71: Hospital Heliport
AR72: Baptist Memorial Hospital-Fc Heliport
AR73: Piggott Community Hospital Heliport
AR74: Cross County Hospital Heliport
AR75: Burns Funeral Home Parking Lot Heliport
AR76: Augusta Heliport
AR77: Helena Hospital Heliport
AR78: White County Medical Center Heliport
AR79: Flying G Ranch Airport
AR80: North Arkansas Medical Center Heliport
AR81: Katheryn's Landing Airport
AR82: Gillespie Strip
AR83: Heard Airport
AR84: Bobwhite Hill Ranch Airport
AR85: Drew Memorial Hospital Heliport
AR86: Ano Heliport
AR87: Crawford Memorial Hospital Heliport
AR88: Poe's Airport
AR89: Landers Loop Airport
AR90: Stephens Heliport
AR91: Circle S Farms Airport
AR92: Harris Hospital and Clinic Heliport
AR93: Ark-Mo Airport
AR94: Squirrel Run Airport
AR95: Arkansas Methodist Hospital Heliport
AR97: Chael Airport
AR98: Johnson Field
KAGO: Magnolia Municipal Airport
KARG: Walnut Ridge Regional Airport
KASG: Springdale Municipal Airport
KAWM: West Memphis Municipal Airport (Default Airport)
KBDQ: Morrilton Municipal Airport
KBPK: Ozark Regional Airport (Default Airport)
KBVX: Batesville Regional Airport
KBYH: Arkansas International Airport
KCCA: Clinton Municipal Airport
KCDH: Harrell Field
KCRT: Z M Jack Stell Field
KCVK: Sharp County Regional Airport
KCWS: Dennis F Cantrell Field

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