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00AR: Newport Hospital & Clinic Heliport
01AR: Community Hospital of De Queen Heliport
02AR: Three Rivers Airport
03AR: Hscmh Heliport
04AR: Saline Memorial Hospital Heliport
05AR: Ozark Skies Airpark
06AR: Bondair Airport
07AR: Morrilton Airport
08AR: Crittenden Regional Hospital Heliport
09AR: Magnolia Hospital Heliport
0AR0: Smh Heliport
0AR4: Gravette Medical Center Hospital Heliport
0AR5: Rgnl Medical Center Heliport
0AR6: Ami National Park Medical Center Heliport
0AR8: Howard Memorial Hospital Heliport
0AR9: Eureka Springs Hospital Heliport
10AR: Huntsville Memorial Hospital Heliport
11AR: St. Joseph's Mercy Heliport
12A: Arkavalley Airport
13AR: Jrmc Heliport
14AR: Rice-Bell Field Airport
16AR: Heifer Creek Ranch Airport
17AR: Bredlow Farm Airport
18AR: Buck Mountain Airport
19AR: Naylor field
1AR7: Medical Park Hospital Heliport
20AR: Rak Airport
21AR: Skarda/Tollville Airport
22AR: Willow Creek Women's Hospital Heliport
23AR: Classic Airstrip
25AR: Reeves Private Airport
27AR: Nw Medical of Benton Heliport
28AR: Henley Aerodrome
29AR: White County Medical Center Heliport
2AR3: Stone County Medical Center Heliport
2AR5: Ashmore Field
2AR6: Glenn Winchester Airport
2AR7: Head Airfield
2AR8: L C Hickman Airport
2AR9: Island Health Clinic Heliport
30AR: Phalanx Airport
31AR: Van Buren County Memorial Hospital Heliport
32AR: Stuttgart Memorial Hospital Heliport
33AR: Skypoint Estates Airport
34AR: Woodbridge Field
35AR: Black Horse Landing Ultralightport
36AR: David Stanley Memorial Airport
37AR: Beech Creek Airport
38AR: Williams Field
39AR: Twin Cities Airport
3AR0: Frost Flying Inc Airport
3AR1: Pine Mountain Heliport
3AR2: Ridgeway Field
3AR3: Cypress Creek Airport
3AR4: Four Mile Creek Ranch Airport
3AR5: Tripp Strip
3AR6: Crystal Ridge Airport
3AR7: Taylor Field
3AR8: River Acres Airport
3AR9: Quinn Field
40AR: Lost Bridge Village Airport
41AR: Ashworth Airport
42AR: Baxter County Sheriffs Heliport
43AR: Haigwood Landing Strip
44AR: Air Evac Lifeteam 30 Heliport
45AR: Thunder Ridge Ranch
46AR: Robert Chris Mc Intosh Airport
47AR: Mabry Field
4AR0: St Mary's Regional Medical Center Heliport
4AR2: Red Oak Airport
4AR3: Conway Regional Health System Heliport
4AR4: Reed-Joseph Land Co. Airport
4AR5: Lawrence Field
4AR6: Williams Ranch Airport
4AR7: Worth James Ranch Airport
4AR8: Washington Regional Landing Heliport
4AR9: Scudder Airport
50AR: Yell County Hospital Heliport
52AR: Ira's Airstrip
54AR: Winfield Airpark
5AR4: Medical Park Hospital Heliport
5AR5: Med Flight Heliport
5AR6: Southwest Hospital Heliport
5AR9: Baxter County Regional Hospital Heliport
61AR: The Valley Airport
63AR: Mc Neely Airport
64AR: Lowrance Airport
65AR: Bernard Manor Airport
67AR: Wedington Woods Airport
6AR3: University Hospital Heliport
6AR5: Mc Donald's Airstrip
6AR6: Two Rivers Airport
6AR7: Arkansas Heart Hospital Heliport
6AR8: Flying W Airpark II Airport
70AR: Randal Field
75AR: The Bluffs Airport
78AR: Tucker Field
79AR: Perrys Airport
7AR0: Hammer Field Airport
7AR2: Verser's Landing Airport
7AR3: Runsick Flying Service Airport
7AR4: Brown'S Airport
7AR5: Dallas County Medical Center Heliport
80AR: Price Field
81AR: Smith's Strip
86AR: Goacher Airport
8AR0: Hargrove Airport
8AR1: Totty Field Airport
90AR: Reedville Airport
93AR: Ohlendorf Airport
99A: Smith's International Airport
9AR0: Robertson Airport
9AR9: Henry Field
AR02: Johnson County Regional Hospital Heliport
AR03: Centerville Airstrip
AR04: Gunem Field
AR06: Cantrell Farms Airport
AR07: Ashley County Hospital Heliport
AR08: Flying Machines Airstrip
AR09: Bella Vista Field
AR10: Greenwalt Company Airport
AR11: Ozark Aerodrome
AR12: Mc Donald's Strip
AR20: Lawrence Memorial Heliport
AR21: St Edward Mercy Medical Center Heliport
AR24: White River Medical Center Heliport
AR29: Uams Heliport
AR30: Baptist Memorial Hospital-Blytheville Heliport
AR32: Dardanelle Hospital Heliport
AR33: Honey Hill Heliport
AR36: Medi-Port Heliport
AR37: St Michael Hospital Heliport
AR38: Arkansas National Guard Emergency Access Heliport
AR40: Sparks Regional Medical Center Heliport
AR41: Carroll General Hospital Heliport
AR42: Ouachita County Medical Center Heliport
AR45: St Vincent Infirmary Heliport
AR47: Warner Brown Hospital Heliport
AR48: Union Medical Center Heliport
AR49: Veterans Administration Heliport
AR51: Smith Heliport
AR52: Hazen Heliport
AR53: Randolph County Medical Center Heliport
AR59: De Witt City Hospital Heliport
AR60: Methodist Hospital of Jonesboro Heliport
AR61: Chicot Memorial Hospital Heliport
AR62: Arkansas Children's Hospital Heliport
AR63: Mc Gehee Desha County Hospital Heliport
AR65: St Anthony's Medical Center Heliport
AR66: Pike County Hospital Heliport

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