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00W: Lower Granite State Airport
02WA: Cawleys South Prairie Airport (Default Airport)
09S: Sullivan Lake State Airport
0WA2: Curtis Airport
11S: Sekiu Airport
14S: Westport Airport
1S2: Darrington Municipal Airport
1WA6: Fall City Airport
21W: Ranger Creek Airport
27W: Lake Wenatchee State Airport
2S0: Twisp Municipal Airport
2S1: Vashon Municipal Airport
38W: Lynden Airport
3W5: Mears Field Airport
4S6: Tieton State Airport
4W0: Bandera State Airport
5WA8: Hogan's Corner Airport
61WA: Burden Field-(Rabbit Run) Airport
63S: Colville Municipal Airport
6S9: Stehekin State Airport
6WA2: Gower Field
7WA0: Big Andy Airport
86WA: Kapowsin Field
K3W7: Grand Coulee Dam Airport
KALW: Walla Walla Regional Airport
KBFI: Boeing Field King County International Airport
KBLI: Bellingham International Airport
KBVS: Skagit Regional Airport
KCLM: William R Fairchild International Airport
KCLS: Chehalis Centralia Airport
KEAT: Pangborn Memorial Airport
KELN: Bowers Field
KFHR: Friday Harbor Airport
KGEG: Spokane International Airport (Default Airport)
KHQM: Bowerman Airport
KKLS: Southwest Washington Regional Airport
KNUW: Whidbey Island Naval Air Station /Ault Field/ Airport
KOLM: Olympia Regional Airport
KORS: Orcas Island Airport (Default Airport)
KPUW: Pullman Moscow Regional Airport
KPWT: Bremerton National Airport
KRNT: Renton Municipal Airport
KSEA: Seattle Tacoma International Airport
KSFF: Felts Field (Default Airport)
KTCM: McChord Air Force Base
KTDO: Ed Carlson Memorial Field South Lewis County Airport
KTIW: Tacoma Narrows Airport
KUIL: Quillayute Airport
KVUO: Pearson Field
KYKM: Yakima Air Terminal McAllister Field
S16: Copalis State Airport
S18: Forks Airport
S31: Lopez Island Airport
S35: Okanogan Legion Airport
S86: Sky Harbor Airport
S88: Skykomish State Airport
W04: Ocean Shores Municipal Airport
W16: Firstair Field
WA01: Wirkkala Airport
WA07: Barker Airport
WA20: Gray Ranch Airport
WA22: Mirth Airport
WA45: Olympic Field
WA57: Bluecreek Airport
WA66: Spring Creek Ranch Airport
WA69: Wax Orchards Airport
WA79: Walter Sutton's Private Strip
WA96: Leisureland Airpark
WN00: Kimshan Ranch Airport
WN24: Cougar Flat Airstrip
WN51: Bayview Farms Airport
WN74: Burnt Ridge Airstrip
WN88: Martin Airport

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