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New layout online

Dec 4th 2013, 07:47

I just changed the layout a little bit. All the pages stay like they were, just with another template. This is the first important step that it will be possible to add some more features to the page in the future.

At the end also one small feature came. On the top left you can directly jump to an airport, by entering the icao code.

Added some countries

Dec 2nd 2013, 14:09

The database is growing and there are now more and more links in other countries available. Just added some countries:

More to come soon. Please contact me, if you miss a specific country sceneries

Dec 2nd 2013, 07:57

Yesterday I added the sceneries of I had no chance to test the sceneries, but the screenshots are looking very promising. But there are also some other airports in Europe available. The next step will be that I have to update the country list. That all the new links are also accessible over the country lists.

Facebook page online

Nov 29th 2013, 13:40

For more contact you could use also the facebook page. I will post also all news on that page that you can stay up to date. If you want support invite also your friends to that page. Greetings Andreas

Spanish x-plane sceneries added

Nov 27th 2013, 17:23

I just added the sceneries of the Spanish X-Plane page The page is in Spanish but there is a little translation availiable, when you click on the English flag on the top left of the page. You need to register there that you can download the sceneries.

At all I am a little bit surprised how spreaded the sources for X-Plane sceneries are and how many local pages there are.

So if you know about some other resources of scenery downloads, please let me know and contact me.

Greetings Andreas

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