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Submit form online

Nov 26th 2013, 20:01

Today I worked on the submit form. So if you think something is missing here you can submit your links now. Every submission will be confirmed by an email. Your email address will be just used for one confirmation mail and another, when your link has been approved or denied by an administrator.

A lot of links for Finnland, Russia and USA

Nov 25th 2013, 20:05

Today I imported some very interesting sources. First Ted's Scenery page, which has a lot of OSX sceneries. Than Freeware from truScenery and now a lot of links for Russia from

At the moment there are more than 3.100 links inside the database. Soon the submit form will be ready. Until than please use the contact form, if there is something missing. Greetings Andreas

Flightport fields added

Nov 25th 2013, 14:50

Just added 17 German airfields of All the download pages are in German. If you do not understand German you should just scroll until the end of the pages and there you find the links for the downloads.

Changelog added

Nov 20th 2013, 20:28

On the newspage there is now another column for a small changelog. The last 50 changes are shown there. The time next to the changes are that moment, when I imported the link to the database. The changelog is also available at the airport detail page. When the description is changed the old and the new value is shown.

At all I am still working on 2 bigger things.

  • the submit form: seems to work, but I still have some problems how to moderate everything. Maybe at the end of the week it will be online.
  • the airports database: there are a lot of airports in the apt.dat file, which have unknown ICAO codes. It will take some time until these airports will be available.

The first days after launching the site

Nov 19th 2013, 17:46

The first days after launching this site were very good. In the forums I got a lot of positive feedback. That shows me also that country lists are very useful specially to get an overview over available sceneries. When I started with I was sometimes surprised when I analysed some database output.

But links are just one part of I hope in the future the information for each airport will be used, too. Specially when flying online information about the available ILS can be very useful, when the ATC changes the Runway for your arrival.

Also for beginners, who are flying offline it is important to get the right frequencies to get in contact with the ATC.

But what was I doing today?

  • Added another better icon, that a small airplane shows up in your bookmarks and not the database symbol.
  • Also made a process how to add regions a little bit more automaticly. That worked well, but there is still a small bug. Because not all regions are showing up at the moment. The country view seems to be o.k.
  • There are also some datas missing where I cache the links for each airport. The bug just is showing up at the filter "Show airports with links". But I am also on this problem.

If you want to support just set a link at you blog or at your favorite X-Plane forum. Soon there will be a form where you also can submit some missing sceneries. Until than you have to send me the link over the contact form.

Greetings Andreas

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