10.20.2020 New servers, Domain and do not track

I had to move the page to another server. Now everything is working again. But there are costs, which I have to pay. So I decided to use some google ads. I will try this until the end of this year. But I also respect everyones privacy, so the page also supports the “do not track” feature of all modern browsers. So if you have activated that feature, there will be no ads, because ads are tracking you.

23.12.2018 Missing features?

Today a received a mail from Tim with some features he was missing. The direct jump was not working with enter and the gateway links were missing. So I added this two features. In some cases it could be that the link to the gateway does not work. This is, because apxp is not checking (at the moment) if the airport really exists there. Normaly it should, because the gateway should be include all the airports of the apt.dat file. But there are some cases were it does not work. In future there will be also a overview of all gateway links. But this will take some time.

So if you are missing some features here, just send me a short mail and I will try to do my best.

I also know that some navaids are not correct. The problem here is that the aiport scenery is able to overwrite the global navdat file so the navaids definition sometimes relies also on the airport scenery.

But still let me know if there is a problem.

I wish all a merry christmas.



11.11.2018 A lot of links added

The link updater is now also rewritten and there are now a lot of airports with more links to the site. The older links are apearing sometimes more then once. That is because the old links are to http and not to https so technicaly that are two different links. I am working on it that the links will disapear. Also the sorting of the links will be improved soon.

10.11.2018 Some comming steps

So the first steps are done to keep this site working. First all the pages are faster generated, because it does not use MySQL any more.

The site should now be more mobile friendly, because I changed the CSS framework to bulma.

The update of the links is also working now, but there will be some changes in the next weeks. I still have the problem that the last change date of the sceneries is not indexed correctly. So if a scenery has the date 01.01.0001 that is still that bug.

Because of the changed policy of google maps I decided (last year) not to have google map views in the new version. But now I am missing the runway previews. So I am searching for alternatives.

The next thing what will come is the changelog, that it is tranparent, which links are added to the site.

But thank you for your patience and welcome back to apxp. If you want to get in touch with me, you could write a mail info[at] (change the [at] to @) or over twitter @lyckade.